Video Tutorials

Why Video tutorials for Medicare?

If you have searched online for information on Medicare or Medicare plans you may have been disappointed. So many Medicare sites are created to merely capture your personal information for marketing purposes.

Marketing is well and good, after all in order to buy a Medicare supplement or enroll in a Part D or Medicare Advantage plan you generally have to get the ball rolling. But that doesn’t help when you are merely trying to learn about your Medicare options.

You can also visit but often there is so much bureaucracy that you leave disappointed or only with a list of available plans. And often times to get plan details you will need to visit plan websites or speak with an agent.

Some people process information more readily if they can see and hear it. If you are one of those people (like me!) you may find the short Medicare video tutorials on this site to be helpful.

Please take some time to watch these videos, as I believe it will give you a good foundation prior to visiting a website whose only goal is to get your personal information.

3 Medicare Video tutorials

Medicare Advantage Video Tutorial

Medigap Video Tutorial

Part D Video Tutorial